The Nomad Society x Finisterre

Scent often evokes memories.

So when working with Finisterre for a limited run of hand poured soy candles I wanted to capture their surf heritage & free spirit.

Our thoughts went straight to that first camping trip of spring.The smell of the woodland and the freshness of the sea air, the smokiness from the evenings bonfire from the night before still lingering in the air.

With notes of sea salt, woodiness and floral Spring tones. Designed for those for love to roam. A nomad scent for Finisterre. Available in our signature amber glass jars.


We love working with like minded people. Finisterre x The Nomad Society was our first candle collab. I felt very lucky to work with a company that had a surfing background. Developing the scent story is my favourite part of the creative process, as I knew the signature scent they were after only too well. I've spent many an early morning walking down to the beach through the forest with my husband, searching for the perfect wave.

 If you are interested in collaborating or working with The Nomad Society we'd love to hear from you.