Scent Inspiration No. 001 Banana Pancakes

This scent was inspired by our mornings spent making hundreds of Banana Breads for our beloved Citroen H Coffee Van.



We would wake up early and start baking before the sun would rise, the house was full of the scent of baking and bananas. It was a really happy time in our lives, when things were simple and uncomplicated. Every time I light the candle it transports me back to those early mornings doing what I loved. Often scent has a specific memory, a story. Our first soy candle in our collection, No 1 // Banana Pancakes holds very many happy memories.

Also, it's cheesy I know, but our younger years spent traveling around in Australia with life long friends listening to Jack Johnson played a very important part in naming this hand poured soy candle.

Without knowing all of that though, we hope it transports you to a lazy Sunday morning with breakfast in bed......or if you can't be bothered with breakfast just light this candle. No 1 // Banana Pancakes has warm notes of toasted pecans and caramelized banana's. The Nomad Society's first signature scent with edible olfactory notes.