Ritual of Calm

We wanted to celebrate the ritual of calm. Taking time to unwind and just be, promoting a sense of now. Whilst we are staying indoors more than usual, we are helping to create a sense of calm and comfort. To help ease these stressful times these simple daily rituals of lighting a candle can promote calm.

Working in collaboration with the ceramic artist Jake Boex. We have created these new ceramic incense ritual bowls. Handmade in the UK by the sea in Cornwall, they are designed to catch the ash of your incense or smouldering Palo Santo smudge stick. Write your wish or intention, light it and leave to smoulder. New intentions whatever the time of year. Smudge sticks help cleanse and to calm.

Neutral clay bowl delicately stamped with the word Nomad. Glazed inside and left natural on the outside of the bowl. Whilst lighting a daily candle has always been a ritual for us, I now enjoy using these ritual bowls along with our sacred Palo Santo smudge sticks.

Incense ritual bowl

A strong woody aroma is created by the smouldering Palo Santo sticks. I light the wood after cooking to clear the house of unwanted cooking smells as the scent is on the stronger side, with hints of mint and citrus.

Palo Santo Stick

Enhance the mood with the smouldering scent of Palo Santo, which is both comforting and cocooning. Harness the power of scent to help you unwind and relax. Each Palo Santo is branded with The Nomad Society. Spanish for Holy wood our Palo Santo is from a sustainable source. Native to the coast of South America, this sacred wood come from the Palo Santo tree.

Palo Santo Stick

Designed to help you unwind with the ritual of burning incense. Not only does the scent help aid relaxation but the act of the ritual also plays a part and focuses the mind. Our new stoneware incense bowls are suitable with incense cones, sage bundles and smudge sticks.

I also have these ritual bowls dotted around the house, to use in the kitchen or used as a jewellery dish. They are make the perfect tealight holder and can be used ith our vegan soy wax tealights. I love the simplicity of them and the fact each one is unique. They have truly been crafted, these studio shots from Jake show how much time and love goes into each piece. Made to keep and treasure.

 Ceramic incense bowl Jake Boex for the Nomad Society

Handmade by Jake Boex for The Nomad Society. Crafted with love they are designed to be cherished

Never leave a burning object unattended or in the way of little hands.