Scent Inspiration No.005 Mojave Rain - New Scent

Story behind our newest scent Mojave Rain. Inspired by our desert wanders along time ago.

Our candle scents are built of many layers - some subtle and others obvious. Mojave Desert is a delicate scent made up of first fresh notes of citrus Bergamot opening to floral notes of white Jasmine. Onto mid aqueous notes of fresh rainfall & finishing with round base notes of amber and sandalwood.

Mojave Rain scent inspiration

Scent is a journey and with this scent I have tried to tell the story of our trip and experience through our Mojave Rain hand poured soy wax candle.

lone pine Joshua Tree Mojave Rain

Desesrt Rose Joshua Tree Mojave Desert

During our trip we experienced a very brief rain shower and this is what inspired our latest scent addition to The Nomad Society's family of soy wax candles.

Mojave Desert scent inspiration The Nomad Society

Waiting for the rain to break and the change it brought to the smell of the desert. Blossoming flowers bursting into life welcomed the fresh rainfall. It was an explosion of scent. As the sweet smell of rain gave way to warm base notes as the sun and warmth returned.

Sunset at Joshua Tree

No 5 // Mojave Rain is a scent with soul and takes us back to the desert. Available in our mini 120ml or our large double wick 500ml amber glass jars. All our candles are inspired by wanderlust and are hand poured in Hossegor, South West France.

Mojave Rain double wick soy candle

Mojave Rain by The Nomad Society handpoured wax candle Hossegor